During their rare calm moments, this is what WFH has looked like with Tallulah (above) and Eevee (below)!

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Originally from New Jersey, I’ve been slowly moving up to colder and colder territories, having done my undergrad years in New York state and now grad school in Boston. I live here with my fiancé, Jake, and our two wonderful kitties, Tallulah and Eevee, who have kept us entertained with their antics throughout the pandemic!

I got my B.A. in cognitive science from Vassar College in 2018, where I had a wonderful experience dipping my toe in the “scientific research” pool for the first time while working on an evolutionary robotics project with an amazing team. I liked the robots but felt like the questions I was interested in were drawing me more towards people– I found the field of human-robot interaction and haven’t looked back! I’m now in the fifth year of my PhD in cognitive science and computer science at Tufts University studying HRI.

In my free time, I like to paint and do other crafts, read fantasy novels, go rock climbing, play board games, play Pokemon games, play tennis, and ski. Fun fact- I was captain of America’s worst collegiate ski team for two years!