I do human-robot interaction research with a strong focus on the human. Robots offer us a unique lens through which to understand our norms, behaviors, and pre-conceived notions about other agents. When and why do we see behaviors that are different when people interact with robots as opposed to other people or technology, and when and why are they the same? What can we learn about people through these similarities and differences, and how can we use that knowledge to design robots that are maximally beneficial to people? These questions drive my research- check out some of my published work below!

Journal and conference publications

Workshop publications

  • Law, T., Kasenberg, D., & Scheutz, M. (2020). Mate or weight? Perceptions of a robot as agent or object in a creative problem solving task. In Workshop on Creativity and Robotics at ICSR 2020. https://hrilab.tufts.edu/publications/law2020mate.pdf
  • Valenti, A., Chita-Tegmark, M., Law, T., Bock, A., Oosterveld, B. and Scheutz, M. (2019). When your face and tone and voice don’t say it all: Inferring emotional state from word semantics and conversational topics. In: Workshop on Cognitive Architectures for HRI: Embodied Models of Situated Natural Language Interactions at AAMAS 2019. Montreal, Canada. https://hrilab.tufts.edu/publications/valenti_mmcog19.pdf